Find your way to Klubban

Klubban Biological Station
Östersidan, Rödbergsviksvägen 13-15
SE-451 78 Fiskebäckskil

Adress to student housing:
Östersidan, Hålevägen 13
SE-451 78 Fiskebäckskil

Skipper: +46-(0)18 471 45 49

Map (Swedish)

How to reach Klubban

Klubban Biological Station is situated in Fiskebäckskil at the south shore of the Gullmar Fjord. The town Lysekil is on the north side of the fjord. Fiskebäckskil is about 120 km north of Gothenburg.

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By car

From Göteborg (Gothenburg), take the road E6 north towards Oslo. After about 75 km you pass the new high bridge in Uddevalla. Leave E6 for Lysekil (several roundabouts to get to road 161). Passing Bokenäs, turn left for Fiskebäckskil (road 785). Another bridge brings you to the island of Skaftö and after a few km you enter Östersidan of Fiskebäckskil. There you take right, following the sign Östersidan and drive down to the ferry jetty (to Fiskebäckskil and Lysekil) and the bus stop. From there you continue on the small road along the shoreline 150 m to come to Klubban Biological Station.

By bus

Buses traffic Fiskebäckskil from Gothenburg/Göteborg or Uddevalla. Nearest bus stop is 150 m from Klubban, by the ferry jetty.

From Lysekil

A small ferry travels between Lysekil and Fiskebäckskil all day. More information and timetable can be found at

More transport information

The municipality of Lysekil has an informative website, including maps of the area and alternative transport information.

Last modified: 2023-07-03